Propagating Lavender Plants You can start lavender from hardwood or softwood cuttings. Set the cutting aside while you prepare the container. Other constituents of the oil are cineol, pinene, limonene, geraniol, borneol and some tannin. Sign up for our newsletter. Medicinal uses include treatment of headache, hysteria, nervous palpitations, hoarseness, palsy, toothaches, sore joints, apoplexy, colic, coughs, and rumbling digestive systems. If a good cover crop had been grown or manure was added to the field before planting, fertilization may not be necessary for several years. ‘Irene Doyle’ was the first recurrent-blooming lavender discovered by Thomas Debaggio of Earth Works Nursery in Arlington VA. Other recurrent bloomers introduced by Debaggio are ‘W. If you’re new to plant propagation, taking lavender cuttings in summer is a good way to start as they root easily and will provide you with lots of new plants for free.. The traditional uses of lavender range from use as a perfume to a antimicrobial agent. Cultivars with gray foliage are quite susceptible to infection. Oliver, P. 1996. 1996. Frontier Natural Products Coop. Adam, K. Lavender as an alternative crop. 1987. Phytophthora nicotianae– root rot New Crop Development in New Zealand. Pile up 2-3 inches of bark under the stem section and make a shallow depression in the top of the pile. Hardiest plants are English lavender (L. angustifolia), Lavandin (L. x intermedia) and spike lavender (L. spica, or L. latifolia). Septoria lavandulae -­ leaf spot There are many cultivars of English Lavender including the white dwarf Nana Alba, also pink varieties designated Rosea, Jean Davis, and Lodden Pink, which may be the same cultivar. Results of a comparative study of lavender varieties. Oliver, P. 1996. The Business of Herbs. “Lavender”. During the Middle ages it was considered an herb of love and was used as an aphrodisiac. Softwood cuttings from lavender root in two to four weeks, and hardwood cuttings take a little longer. Researchers in Bulgaria have experimented with the reconstruction of lavender planting to wide-row spacing in regard to mechanized cultivation and harvest (Tsachev, 1976). Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs. In a study from the Egyptian Journal of Horticulture, optimal yields of aerial parts of lavender were observed following fertilization with urea at 88 lb./ acre. What separates NC State University from other schools? 12(2):173-181. If you are starting a large-scale lavender farm, you must have a proper marketing planning. Remove all of the leaves from the lower 2 inches of the stem and then gently scrape the skin off the bottom portion of the stem on one side with a knife. Lavender is mainly propagated by cuttings, layering, and division of roots. If seeds are to be used they should be planted in late spring or early summer. Lavandin, Lavendula. Culpeper, N. 1652. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Aoyama, E., Ono, E., Furlan, M. 1996. He recommends a mix of one part coarse perlite to one part sterilized, baked clay frit (cat litter). When young, leaves are white with dense stellate hairs on both surfaces with strongly revolute margins. June 1998. Culpeper (1652) suggests, “two spoonfuls of the distilled water of the flowers taken helpeth them that have lost their voice; as also the tremblings and passions of the heart, and faintings and swounings”, Salmon suggests (Herbal, 1710) that “it is also good against the bitings of serpents, mad-dogs and other venomous creature, being given inwardly and applied poultice-wise to the parts wounded. Nauk. Cooperative Extension has offices in every county, Herb/Specialty Crops Connection: Matching Growers & Buyers, Medicinal Herbs and Non-Timber Forest Products, Herb/Specialty Crop Connection-to Help Connect NC Herb & Specialty Crops Growers With the Industry, NC Specialty Crops Program Research Reports, Mountain Horticultural Crops Research & Extension Center, Exploring Stevia for Western North Carolina, GAPs for Medicinal Herbs (Good Agricultural Practices), Investigations Into the Cause of Gold-Flecking on the Surface of Ripe Tomato Fruit, Medicinal Herb Research and Yield Estimates, Medicinal Plants With a Potential Niche Market for Propagators, 16. To maintain varieties lines lavender should not be propagated from seed. Both leaf size and plant height (3 ft) are larger in lavandin when compared to English lavender. Flowers are produced in terminating one-half-inch-long spikes from the young shoots, on long stems. Lavandin varieties (Lavendula x intermedia) produce both the highest yields of flowers and highest concentrations of essential oil per acre. Subscribe By Email chevron_right. From our experience growing lavender we have found that many Angustifolia varieties do grow excellent here with little to NO soil amendments. One of my most favorite successes as a lavender farmer last year was the propagation of 500 lavender starts to plant in our new field. Lavender requires well-drained light, sandy, or sandy loam, or gravelly soils in full sun. germination rates are low and seedlings are slow to reach transplant- ing size. 1997). L. heterophylla, grows up to 4 feet in height and is suitable for growing in containers. In Part 1 of our propagation blog series we looked at what propagation is, and why you may want to propagate your lavender. Cover with plastic to form a greenhouse-like environment for the cuttings. 1999 was dubbed the “Year of Lavender”; as a result there was an increased demand for information and literature concerning all aspects associated with lavender production. Linalol is a terpene alcohol that is non-toxic to humans, yet naturally antimicrobial. This species is grown for its rosemary-scented flowers and for potpourri production. A collection of lavenders. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to propagate lavender from … XIV(6):27-29. Plants grown from seed are variable in growth habit, color, and essential oil composition and are unsuitable for commercial harvesting. For optimal ester levels, flowers are harvested starting in the second year between early blossom and maximum bloom stages early in the day before full sun conditions. Induced polyploidy in lavender. Various cultural practices can effect the ester value of Lavender oil. Growing dozens of lavender plants in the backyard of the house can make an individual earn a high profit. or so below the surface. and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. You can also grow lavender … 1960. All three adapt well to container growing but are not widely cultivated in the U.S. L. canariensis, native to the Canary Islands, has feathery foliage with dark-blue flower spikes with a turpentine scent. Studies on the vegetative propagation of lavender. This is the simplest method of propagation, although the least efficient in terms of time and number of regenerants per plant. Propagation of lavender from cuttings is easy and more likely to be successful than growing the plants from seeds. While softwood cuttings are only available in spring, you can take hardwood cuttings in spring or fall. The machine was mounted on a trailer and the crop rows were protected by lateral bulkheads. 24(1):7-17. Garden herbs as hosts for Southern Root-knot nematode [Meloidogyne incognita ­ (Kofoid & White) Chitwood, race 3 ]. Phoma lavendulae – stem blight It was determined that the giberellic treatments, with or without pre-freezing, significantly increased the percentage of germination and accelerated overall germination rates (Aoyama, 1996). They are usually shorter than the calyces. Commercial lavender oil is readily available to purchase as an ingredient for personal care items such as soaps, which are often viewed as an affordable luxury. In this session we explore the following concepts: x Environmental requirements for propagation 1.1 Introduction Propagation Plant propagation refers to the multiplication of plant material of a specific cultivar, variety, breeding line or strain that possesses desirable Essential oils are accumulated in the flowers and flower stalks. Lavender can produce well with an annual rainfall range of 300 to 1400 mm per year. What made it so helpful? Learn More About NC State Extension, We have several topic based e-mail newsletters that are sent out periodically when we have new information to share. Fusarium solani – wilt The English Physitian: or an astrologo-physical discourse of the vulgar herbs of this nation. Tissue culture (syn., in vitro culture, micropropagation) methods have been developed for the mass propagation of lavender varieties from hybrid stock plants. English lavender varieties prefer chalky soils, whereas the lavandin varieties require slightly more acidic soils. When it comes to lavender, more is always better ... Propagation Tags Edible Flowers, Lavender, Medicinal Plants, Mint ... or small pebbles – to a 6-inch pot, then fill it with a commercial potting medium or mix your own. The project doesn’t require any special equipment, and it’s easy enough for a beginner. When full grown, leaves become greener and extend up to 2 1/2 in long, with scattered hairs above, smooth or finely downy beneath, with the margins only slightly revolute. Today on Wisconsin Wonder Garden you will learn how to take cuttings from your Lavender and more importantly HOW TO GET THEM TO GROW! Check to see if the stems have roots by giving them a gentle tug. Sometimes when pruning Lavender there are suitable sized pieces remaining to … Most lavenders are hardy to USDA zones 5 to 9, but if you live in an area where the winter temperatures get below about -10 degrees F, consider taking some cuttings of your favorite plants in early fall and growing them indoors over the winter in case your outdoor plants freeze out. Her Ph.D. research was focused on black cohosh. Baileya 22(4):168-77. G. Doyle’, which he calls dark supreme lavender, and ‘Susan Belsinger.’. Tissue culture propagated plants can be purchased, however. Response of lavender plants to different nitrogen sources. Softwood cuttings are plentiful in spring, and you can gather more of them without destroying the parent plant. Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA. 352-5. Unpublished Material. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. Rooting hormone helps prevent the tip from rotting and encourages quick, strong root development, but lavender roots well without it. All lavender plants require well-draining soil and benefit from the addition of grit. Lavender plant is originated in Mediterranean region. It is grown primarily for its essential oil and is rare in the U.S. Fortunately, pre-grown plants in pots are freely and cheaply available at garden centres and even some supermarkets, so few gardeners consider it worthwhile raising their own. In a germination study of lavender seeds, the effects of gibberellic acid, light/dark regimes, and pre-freezing were studied. 30(3): 244-246. El-Sherbeny, S., El-Saeid, H., Hussein, M. 1997. Can you ever have too many lavender plants? If you plan to keep the plant in a pot for more than two or three weeks, transplant it into a larger pot with regular potting soil that drains freely. Want to see which lists are available? A U-shaped piece of wire can be used to hold the stem section firmly in place. LAYERING. Read on to learn more. TISSUE CULTURE. With cuttings, you can rest assured that your new plants will be exactly like the parent plants. homepage 1995. How to Strike a Lavender Cutting. ecosyst. The bioactivity of lavandula species against insects in India proved that the majority of the plants studied showed activity against insect pests (Sharma et al., 1992). Hardy Lavenders. Agriculture Handbook No. Its excellent fragrance and concentrations of essential oil make it suitable for commercial harvest. A thick layer of mulch is recommended after the first frost. 53(2-3):267-272. Herbal Bounty. It was used as an insecticide to protect linens from moths. Chingova-Boyadzhieva, B., Staikov, B. Learning how to propagate is a fun and important skill for a lavender grower to learn, so we wanted to share our process with you. Hortscience 19(4):595. Commercial uses can include essential oil production, cosmetic manufacturing, sale to restaurants (salads, food flavorings), sachets, tea, potpourri, soaps, or sale of ornamental plants. Meloidogyne incognita – Southern Root-knot Nematode Culpeper (1652) in his book, The English Physitian, wrote for his description of lavender simply, “This is so well known, being an Inhabitant in almost every Garden, that it needeth no Description.”. 1973. It requires good drainage and prefers a warm, well-drained loam with a slope to the south or southwest. Slow growth rates should be expected in the first year (6-8 in). L. augustifolia (English lavender), L. stoechas (Spanish Lavender), Lavandula x intermedia (Lavandin) are three of the more common species of lavender and flower at different times. 13(9):105-111. The best type of cutting to use depends on the type of lavender and the time of year. SEEDS. Its elegant flowers are often used for dried flower production. propagation in a specific agricultural production context. The NC Alternative Crops and Organics Program, led by Jeanine Davis in the Department of Horticultural Science, helps farmers improve the sustainability and profitability of their farms through exploration of new crop opportunities, testing of improved varieties and production practices for conventional and organic vegetable growers, and development of environmentally friendly production systems. The Herb Companion. Prepare the site by mixing compost or peat moss with the top four inches of soil and preparing a raised bed. Of the various blue cultivars, Irene Doyle (Tucker, 1984) is considered unique in its ability to flower twice. 10(1)35-42. In a study on the vegetative propagation of lavender by rooting of stem sections, 1 year old wood, various mixed wood, and three-year-old wood stem sections were compared. L. stoechas, Spanish lavender, is a woody shrub growing to four feet tall with linear to oblong, lance shaped leaves about 3/4 inch diameter with 3/8 inch, dark purple flowers. It has ovate-rhombic bracts like English lavender but the width to length ratio is 1.33 to 3.00 and bracteoles are always 1-4 mm long. Germination study of lavender seeds. Create a hedge of this sweet smelling, pollinator loved plant on a budget. If not, then you will need to find or befriend someone willing to share cuttings from their plant. It can reach 5 feet in height and 4 feet in spread with indented or scalloped leaves and very large violet-purple flower heads. If damaged plants are present, remove and destroy any infected plant material and avoid replanting with susceptible varieties. You can start lavender from hardwood or softwood cuttings. Lavender can grow in abundance under the right conditions, and taking cuttings can be an ideal way to spread more lavender around your garden. Another method of spacing is to plant 18 inches apart each way for the first year of growth, then to remove every other plant in the second year resulting in 36 inch spacing which produces optimal flower and essential oil yields. Flowering is generally from mid to late June to early July. Removed plants are divided into approximately 3 plants each and replanted in new rows. Lavender is difficult to grow from seed, requiring five weeks of cold stratification before planting and, according to North Carolina State University, six months before the seedling grows to transplant size. Young plants should be set out in early spring in rows 2 feet apart with one foot spacing between plants. Martini, A. L. latifolia, or Spike Lavender, is one of the species that makes up the lavandin hybrid but is not hardy, being a native of the Mediterranean. These include choice of cultivar, use of soil amendments, how and when flowers are gathered (optimal when flowers are fully expanded), how quickly the harvest is distilled, and how it is distilled (steam distillation is better than water). Hidcote (L. angustifolia), Munstead (L. angustifolia), and Superblue (L. angustifolia) are also well-known varieties and often good choices for North Carolina. Choose non-flowered shoots of this year’s growth and ensure that they’re free from pests and disease. Others report that plants may be harvested up to 30 years. Describe various lavender products and discuss the way in which they are processed. Dip the stripped tip of the cutting in rooting hormone, if desired. Janick, J., and Simon, J. John Wiley and Sons, NY. Lavender Propagation As these are naturally short-lived plants, even the bravest pruning regime will probably only extend a lavender’s life to ten years or so. The Best Time to Take Lavender Cuttings. Propagating lavender from cuttings is also fairly easy to do and you can use the same method for other plants like … Crops Research Division. English lavender varieties are better suited for dried flower production than Lavandin varieties. Commercial lavandin oil- and flower- producing cultivars include, Grosso, Abrialii, Super, Standard, Maime Epis. Lavender is harvested mechanically in foreign countries using specially designed machinery for essential oil purposes although it is harvested by hand for cut flower production. The cultivars of Lavender and Lavandin (Labiatae). Horticulture technical note. Plant all species in a protected south facing location with well-drained soil within a pH range of 6.4-8.3. The Greek naturalist, Dioscorides, praised the medicinal attributes of Lavender in the first century A.D. Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia. Use a sharp knife to take a hardwood or softwood cutting measuring 3 to 4 inches long. Few insect problems have been reported on field-grown lavender. Lavender was used as an ingredient in smelling salts and was used to disinfect wounds during wartime. Tissue culture protocols are generally cost prohibitive to small-scale growers because of the specialized sterile laboratory equipment required. Uses for Lavender Lavender has a lot of uses around the home including potpourri, cut flowers, dried sachets, soap, scented satchels and pillows, essential oils, and even in the kitchen. You will automatically get notified when we post news to this site. Dark-flowered cultivars are less resistant to disease than the pale-flowered varieties. Some types of lavender bloom freely, making it hard to get a blossom-free stem when the wood is soft. Lavandin is a sterile hybrid and must be vegetatively propagated. Mana Kai Rangahou, New Zealand. Hardwood is thicker than softwood and resists bending. Propagation. There are early, mid, and late season flowering varieties available. x intermedia (syn. Vokou, D., Vareltizidou, S., Katinakis, P. 1993. Raev, R., Jordanov, R., Zheljazkov, V., Rabotyagov, V., Craker, L., Nolan, L., Shetty, K. 1996. Lavender can be grown in backyards, pots/containers as well. Every fall, we propagate thousands of organic lavender plants from cuttings. Keep rooting sections moist and expect transferable plants within 2 weeks to 2 months depending on environmental conditions (Oliver, 1996). A crop harvested for dried flower purposes should be harvested when the first few florets are open. ... Propagation The best time to take cuttings from lavender plants is right after they have ... Royal Velvet 24-36" 24" 5 Dk. 30(2):292-293. Zeitschrift Fuer Naturforschung Section C Biosciences 46(11-12):1067-1072. Prototype for flame weed control in medicinal and aromatic plants. An Austrian study provided evidence of sedative effects of the essential oil of lavender after inhalation. In mid-April, DeBaggio prunes field-grown established plants heavily by removing 1/3 to 1/2 of the stem length all over the plant. In New Crops. Update by Jeanine Davis, 2020: There is a renewed interest in growing lavender in North Carolina and many new, small lavender farms are now established across the state. Center-Home Page. pp. Lavender oil is soluble in all proportions of alcohol. In order to discourage fungal pathogens, good air circulation is advised and can be achieved by spacing plants 2-3 feet apart and trimming the lower branches throughout the growing season. propagation by seed is not recommended for commercial lavender production.

commercial lavender propagation

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